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fashion freelance

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Сегодня я решил рассказать вам про самые лучшие биржи фриланса и удаленной работы для новичков и профессионалов за год. Я разобью все их по категориям, чтобы вам было удобнее. Каждая из перечисленных бирж обладает своими плюсами и минусами. Они могут как привлечь внимание, так и оттолкнуть.

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Fashion freelance

Our business designs and manufactures swim and active-wear. We need a design for the print on the full body suits, for winter athletes. The colors are black, green and gold. We can also use a hummingbird in the design. We have attached a photograph of the type of bodysuit that we need. We will need the design for the front and the back.

I am working with other designers right now but they are really hit or miss and flakey and not getting back to me. I have a solid business plan but I need some help on the graphic design side of things. Some of the potential themes I Need a Fashion designer for sketching Jutti designs. Freshers can also apply. The work is to shoot home based indoor modeling photos, with various products like all type of dresses, Sportswear, Casual wear etc. You just have to be good looking and no experience required.

Looking for someone who has expertise in fashion design, illustrations, mood board etc. Requires an model for luxury clothes products virtual shoot. Need to make different designs on tshirts hoodies polo shirts sweaters and come up with personal design idea for my shopify clothing store.

I want a unique design for glasses frame with influences from aviation. Sketches with all the technical specifications so it can be produced. We are looking for a great developer with great skills in UX UI Design For one of my clients in the fashion industry, he owns his clothing brand in Switzerland.

He would like to make a site of about 5 pages in Worpress where he can sell his collections online. I need fabric advice and actual product creation. We are creating boxer shorts out of recycled materials. We have cut patterns which consist of a patchwork of different matrials and need someone experienced on a machine to sew them together. Main task is to read random sentences, takes about 1. A simple part-time job from home. Need a Embroidery Jutti Designer to make digital designs.

Sketch of design will be provided. Only u have to digitalise it. I am looking for someone to design Five 5 pairs of women eyewear three 3 sunglasses, two 2 Prescription Frames. Seller must develop women eyewear frame design concepts around research. The buyer will also provide requirements for women eyewear design. Seller i We are looking for a Fashion Model to represent share pictures for valentine day photo submission. Job Responsibilities: Pose for Photo Shoots : We will specify poses and models that need to submit the digital photographs based on our Style team requirements.

Qualifications: Presentation skills - should have excellent presentation skills and be aware of how they are representing themselves and m I need a fashion tech pack for the designs attached below. Woman fashion sports ware designer. I have a Printify account connected with my store in Etsy. I am looking for an individual who can help me in designing my products tshirt, dress, mask, socks, aprons, etc. Please provide samples of your designs. If I am interested in hiring you, I w Looking for someone who is able to produce comprehensive sketches of a jewelry collection.

The sketches will be used directly by the manufacturer so they must be as detailed as possible must include sizes etc. There are 7 pieces to be sketched - 2 necklaces and 5 rings. You will be provided with the mood board and as many image references and design notes as possible. I need a graphic designer for my online jewelry store. I am manufacturing a dog bed and am looking for someone to help me design the cover.

I need help with the technical drawing to give to a seememstress for manufacture. The bed will have cushions in it. Looking for a experience person to illustrate 15 different sport outfits including sport bra, leggings, jacket as in the example below. Every outfit should be illustrated front, back, side different illustrations with front, back, side as in the example I attach. We have a requirement for Landmark Annotation and Garment Segmentation.

Fashion LandMarks Requirement: -Fashion Landmark Annotation for garments in images without any bounding box -Information on whether the image is Zoomed in or out Timeline: 60 days Volume: 20, images Number of LandMarks per cloth product in the image: Maybe maximum of 15 landmarks per product in the image Garment S I have a design that I have done on a hoodie but I am wanting some changes made to the LOYALTY lettering I would like them changed to something very similar to the picture that I have attached with the word Chicago the rest of the design I am pretty happy with I think just want it redesigned basically with the loyalty font changed th I have attached the Dimensions that I would like for the designs to be in.

I would like for the name I own several clothing companies, and I am looking to hire a graphic designer to make fun, whimsical designs for my swimsuit company. I love anything with Disney, cute animals, etc. This can go on bathing suits, track suits, bags and more. I attached some photos for reference. With good sense of aesthetics and good hand drawing skills. Ideally proficient in modelling software and have experience in jewely design and collaborating with brands.

We are looking to start on a freelancer basis where I own a fishing apparel company. I want to design fun ladies tank tops related to fishing and include my logo. Maybe a anchor with our logo through it. A mermaid, etc.

Something with fishing poles, boats, fish. We are looking for new talent , You have to shoot with international brands products like dresses , Makeup kit , Shoe , handbag etc. We are releasing new magazine for fashion, we require freelancer models! Those who get approved will receive all necessary items and inventory in order to take required pictures.

This is a long term project, no previous experience required. Художник по эмали. Landing Page. Дизайн сайтов. Интернет магазин. Интернет портал. Мобильные сайты. Разработка CMS. Сайт "под ключ". Юзабилити сайтов. Свадебное видео. Векторная графика. Дизайн игр game design. Дизайн интерфейсов. Дизайн мобильных приложений. Дизайн упаковки. Допечатная подготовка.

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I even know a couple designers who have had success with remote freelance work for fair wages with big companies in New York. They then get to show off those names on their website and portfolio , and it can help get them more work. But landing these jobs is pretty rare and convincing them to let you work remotely is even harder.

In fact, one of the great things about freelancing is that you have the freedom to explore different companies and see what you like best. It was too much hand holding, too much fuss, and the process was too tedious. Some brands I work with, I do everything from initial concept through managing bulk production. Some brands, I just do design or tech packs. If I told you to pick just 3 specific services from these lists or other things I missed , what would they be?

You want to be prepared, have your rates figured out, have an email template, know what to say and how to say it, and are ready to respond to any situation. What are the next steps? What do I do if they keep asking for endless revisions? What should it even say? And then what about invoices? How do I even do that? Do I need Quickbooks or some bookkeeping software? Listen, when you first start freelancing, you feel like these are all the things you have to think about.

Maybe worse, the thought of them saying yes is more scary. So you spin your wheels working on your portfolio, updating LinkedIn, and figuring out how to get out there and network. Which is why I created this guide. Me writing this guide at coffee shops all around town.

I talked to a lot of you while researching and writing this guide, and these are some of the things you told me:. Second, your existing network and contacts may lead nowhere — or you may not even have one. Some of these work better than others and depending on your personality, one may be better for you. If you do a search on a popular agency site like 24 Seven, your first thought probably goes something like this:.

I did a quick search and admit, it does look pretty promising. And for that type of work, recruiters and agencies are the worst place to find it. If you hate selling and pitching, these sites are great. You can browse the jobs and apply to what looks good. People who post on these sites are often looking for a really good deal. If you decide to give Upwork a shot, listen to this episode of the Successful Fashion Designer podcast first.

I know one really successful freelance designer, Marissa Borelli , who did get work this way. Her story is inspiring and hysterical and you can listen to it here. To give you a quick visual, it included doing jumping jacks in the hallway to psych herself up before approaching brands at trade shows. Marissa also had her pitch and strategy really dialed in. These are companies that help brands go from idea to launch. Most of them work with startup and indie designers, although not exclusively.

They can be great to work with since not only do they act as a funnel to send you work, but they handle and manage the client. Like the recruiters and 24 Seven agencies, they take a big cut of the money. Which arguably is fair since they found the work and manage the client. Just realize your earning potential has a cap if you work with these design agencies. If they go out of business, you could be at risk of losing a huge chunk of or all your clients.

But keep in mind that you can use all of these techniques to reach out to anyone on LinkedIn, whether you know them personally or not, or even to apply for gigs on sites like Upwork. Plus, the thought of working on a variety of projects instead of just being a sweater designer for one brand sounds pretty freaking fantastic.

I wrote this guide to help you land real freelance gigs — that you can do remotely on your own schedule while working for multiple clients. The to do list you need to accomplish before getting started? Not as overwhelming as you may think.

What you do need? You can get it together in a week. This bonus worksheet includes everything you need to stay on track, put together your portfolio, and turn one job into many. Figuring out rates, services and contracts is where most designers get stuck. In fact, in my research for this guide, almost all of you had questions about these things, which is why I decided to dedicate an entire section of the guide to it. Your rate will be different than my rate or the rate of the other fashion designers reading this guide.

Because we are all different. Just like a job salary for a designer in NYC vs Tennessee or an assistant vs senior designer will vary, your freelance wage will vary. No matter where you live, your skillset, or how much I prepare you right now, we will all experience the same thing during our freelance journey. So, why does this happen? There two main reasons. First, you lack confidence to charge a higher rate, so you tend to lowball yourself.

I suggest everyone start with hourly. Things get tricky and you have to know what questions to ask and be really good at clearly outline and managing client expectations. Which, in a nutshell, is why I really recommend you start out hourly and move into project rates later. Pick something in the middle and focus on getting really good at understanding your client, reaching out to get work, and closing deals.

Is there any way you can do it for less? There are experts who will tell you to hold strong and never negotiate your rate. Does that work for you? A lot of the time you can stand firm on your price and still get the job — it comes down to your confidence to navigate the situation. Just 2 years ago, I hugely underbid a project with a new client.

It was a full design package including color inspiration, trend research, and design. It was a rush turnaround, and they put me on the spot with the pricing. Two weeks in, I was kicking myself and hating the project. I had 2 other people on my team helping with it, and I knew we were doing way too much work for that rate. After everything wrapped up, I made the phone call to tell my client what happened. It went something like this:. I know you guys were too.

I wanted to reach out to tell you one thing however. But in the future, I wanted to make sure to give you a fair expectation of cost. The next time he asked for a proposal? I called him to review the price over the phone before sending the bid. I gently reminded him of the low price on the previous project and explained what the new price would be.

And you know what? He was thrilled. He felt like they had gotten an insane deal on the first project, and was happy to pay a more fair price next time. This is what happens when you find those great clients, do an exceptional job, and have an open and honest relationship with them. If this is not how your client is treating you? At first, just be prepared to explain various processes and what work is involved.

As you grow and get more clients, you can create PDFs, pages on your website, or blog posts that explain these processes. Vicky of 29 and September Studio does a great job at this. For now keep it simple and verbally explain why the price is what it is or put together a bulleted list of everything that goes into the process and walk them through that. Again, one of the joys of freelancing is we get the freedom to choose who we work with, what we work on, and define how much we earn.

These projects never go anywhere. These people are abusing you and taking advantage of your skills. The more of us who put our foot down and say this, the better place our industry will be for everyone. And it can be a great way to grow your portfolio and resume. After undercharging, the second biggest mistake designers make is trying to do everything for everyone. You very well may have experience in all these categories, and as your business grows, you can offer more services.

Work with a career coach who helps graphic designers, web programmers, and other creatives get more work? Work with a career coach who helps fashion designers with years experience get more work? Have you ever read a guide or book like this one about freelancing in general? How are you going to show denim, knits, swimwear and textiles for menswear, womenswear, and kidswear all in one website, book or PDF?

Spinning their wheels for weeks, months or even years trying to get their portfolio just right and making sure it includes everything they can do. I know, here I go with the marketing lingo again. These are easy though, and things you should understand as a freelancer. Your market defines what kinds of brands you work with category, size, type, etc. And you can always change it. Grab it now, take 15 minutes and fill it out.

I promise it will help you later. Get the free downloadable template to figure out your services. Once you get your foot in the door with a brand and they love you, you can expand your services then. Sell them initially on one thing, and show them that you are the absolute best at that one thing, then grow from there. It is up to you to consult a legal professional for advice about contracts or listen to this podcast episode where I interviewed one about freelance contracts!

Make sure to get them to agree via email, so include a clear CTA call to action — yes, marketing lingo again asking them for confirmation. Use a simple email contract like this for small projects. You are also specifically asking for their confirmation and agreement at the end of the email and you get their response in writing. If the project goes beyond this and they start asking for more revisions or more sketches? If they ask for one more tiny revision that will take you 5 minutes, just do it and provide them with exceptional work and a great experience.

Now, there is a time when you may want to think about a formal contract…. Bottom line? Review these carefully and consult a legal professional listen to this podcast episode first if needed. By now, you have a solid system to figure out your rates. If you mess up and undercharge? It happens to all of us, even sometimes after years of being a full-time freelancer. You have solid strategies to negotiate your rates and make sure you earn a fair wage. Remember, the more niche, often the better.

You guessed it — your portfolio. There are a lot of places designers get stuck. But the biggie? The black hole every designer gets sucked into and takes over their life? So you know you need to focus more attention on it. But this is where your head starts spinning out of control, the overwhelm becomes too much, and the task feels too big to tackle. Or what about StylePortfolios. Your head is spinning a million miles a minute trying to figure out where to start. In fact, some of the most successful freelancers I know like this one , this one , and myself have a pretty minimal portfolio that they hardly ever update.

Remember what I said about picking a niche market and offer instead of trying to do everything? And what you need to include should be pretty minimal based on your market and offer. But the big reason? Because working on your portfolio is comfortable. Than pitching.

Than handling clients. A client is going to glance at it for 2 seconds and make a decision. To make it easy on yourself, just do it as a PDF. Give yourself permission to stop fighting with technology and the internet, and create a few simple PDFs. Выполняется дизайнером для тз конструктору. Показать полностью Жанна Алексеева. Freelance Fashion Design Эскизы одежды. Жанна , на некоторых производствах дизайнер работает с теми материалами, которые уже закуплены заказчиком.

Например, на производстве спецодежды и спортивной одежды дизайнеру дается задание на разработку сразу с кусочками тканей и цветовой картой, которые нужны заказчику. В целом же, да, дизайнер должен разбираться в материалах и уметь подбирать их для единичного изделия или всей коллекции сразу. Freelance Fashion Design Эскизы одежды запись закреплена 15 ноя в Коллеги дизайнеры, хотите в закрытый чат телеграм для дизайнеров одежды, где мы обсуждаем нюансы работы с клиентами, делимся опытом и просто дружно общаемся?

Пишите в директ, дам ссылку А еще теперь у нас есть чат услуг дизайнеров одежды, где вы можете найти заказчика или наняться в штат. Бесплатное размещение ваших резюме. За подробной информацией пишите в директ!. Freelance Fashion Design Эскизы одежды запись закреплена 7 окт в Поставщики Тканей, Пряжи и Фурнитуры 7 окт в Сразу после установки, нужно будет зарегистрировать аккаунт по номеру телефона.

В настройках своего профиля, вы можете задать имя и Никнейм, по которому вас смогут находить друзья. Рекомендую установить в настройках конфеденциальности запрет на добавление вас в другие группы посторонними людьми для этого нужно установить галочку только мои контакты. У кого приложение установилось в английской версии, на русский язык также можно перейти в настройках - язык. Freelance Fashion Design Эскизы одежды запись закреплена 22 июл в Чаще всего человек оценивает сам рисунок как нравится-не нравится, и не может действительно представить, каким будет выглядеть изделие в живую.

Для примера блузка из моей коллекции года. Пошитое изделие на живом человеке покажу позже. Freelance Fashion Design Эскизы одежды запись закреплена 12 июл в Официальное текстильное агентство, оказывает помощь в поиске швейных материалов и фурнитуры на стоках и фабриках Италии и Франции.

Помогут с организацией поездки и окажут сопровождение на стоки или фабрики в Италии. Могут помочь подобрать ткани по вашим описаниям дистанционно. Сами организуют поставки в Россию и всю бумажную волокиту берут на себя. Заказы от мелкого опта всего 5 м причем, по оптовой цене до крупного опта. Классно, что есть такие агентства.

Вам побывать интернет программист работа вакансии удаленная работа плюсан!